Welcome to my little piece of the internet where I come to remember, reflect, and rejoice at motherhood, teaching, and life in general. I feel like I’ve been learning so much and I wanted a place where I could document it and think things through. A place where I could come back to all the resources I’ve found along the way because I never can remember them lol. Along the way though I realized that others may also benefit from such a resource which may be how you found yourself here! I hope it helps in some small way!

About me…. well I’m a mom of one earthside son, one angel, and two fur babies. I’m an art teacher at an international Christian school in Hong Kong and have previously taught elementary in the USA. I’ve been married since 2012 to a man who’s found his love in woodworking and we’re both just trying to do the best we can in this life. We both have made, and do still make mistakes, but we’re learning. I previously used to also run a photography company in the states and still have a great love of it, even though I can’t continue with the business here.  

I love meeting new people and learning new things so please feel free to drop me a note below if you resonate with anything here!

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Meet "J"

This little lovebug is what makes this page possible. He is loves to explore new textures, places, and foods. He is clever and such a lover. I want to improve and learn to be the best mom for him.

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Meet "Bear"

The big dog that's just a sweet baby. He's a mongrel Hubby has had since he was a puppy and we brought him over from the USA to HK. He's the kind of dog that mainly sticks to himself, but that all the other dogs and the kids want to play with. He loves his butt scratched and thinks he's a small dog, especially when he wants in your lap! He's also the most patient with "J" letting him chase him around and play tug with him.

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Meet "Duke"

The medium dog with BIG personality. He loves to cuddle and will paw at you till you let him under the covers. He loves to play, but is often so rambunctious the others get a little scared. His nickname was once "Ritalin" by a friend. He's a lump on a log for most the day, but if someone new comes along he can't stop running around! We got him from a shelter and also brought him over to HK.

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Meet "T"

This woman deserves her own page she's that amazing. This house would not function without her. She has left her own daughter in the Philippines to help take care of our family (daycares don't really exist here). She makes being a mother so much easier because I don't have to worry about if my son is being cared for and when I'm home, I'm home. She's tiny but mighty, loves Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and between her and "J" the locals like us because of them lol.