End the burnout and frustration of motherhood so you can build a life of joy, peace, and purpose.

Here's your path to a life filled with peace and harmony!

Do you feel your life is on auto-pilot or maybe you’re barely surviving?

Are you finding that your life looks nothing like the life you dreamt about when you first got pregnant?

Do you find yourself over-reacting to what feels like constant emergencies?

Do you want to stop feeling like you’re doing things alone?

Do you want to learn how to have fun  and be adventurous again?

Then this challenge is for you! Here’s what we’re covering in our 5-day FREE challenge accessible through my FREE Facebook group!

Day 1: Increase Patience & Compassion With Mindset Shifts

Wouldn’t life run so much smoother if your kids would just listen the first time? And why do your kids insist on throwing their food on the floor?! Why won’t your child just let you use the bathroom by yourself?!

Some of the most powerful changes you can make in your life is by changing your perspective. Learn some of the most common mental shifts that you can use right now that will make life and parenting easier.

Day 2: From Triggered To Tranquil

The hitting, biting, and kicking. The relentless screaming. Constantly telling them to stop touching things. We all have our own triggers that make us want to blow the roof off with our anger. 

We all have a flight, fight, or freeze response to situations that trigger us. It can feel like we have no control in those situations, but with perseverance and these tools you’ll be able to rewire your brain’s response to these situations. 

Day 3: No More Martyrs, Moms Need To Be Taken Care Of Too

Yet another day without a shower. Does picking up a toddler doing dead drops count as exercise?

Gone are the days where mothers must sacrifice their minds, bodies, and souls for their families. Self-care isn’t all bubble baths and massages. Learn the importance of true self-care and how to incorporate it into your non-stop life. 

Day 4: Learning To Play Again: The Key to Joy and Connection

The dishes are piling up. Every time you start cleaning your toddler cries for help. There’s no time for fun with everything going on. Plus daddy is better at that roughhousing stuff anyway. 

When you’re the one responsible for, well, everything play tends to get put on the back burner. But not only is it a vital tool for connecting with your children, it’s also the catalyst for true joy and creativity.

Day 5: Putting the Pieces Together To Go From Overwhelm To Confident

All this sounds well and good, but how on earth can you fit even one more thing into your day?! You already feel like you’re drowning so how will all this help?~

Now that you have the building blocks in place for a more peaceful and joy filled life, how do you make them all work together? This day is all about how you can use routines and other strategies to put these practices together in a way that fits your own life.

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