Calm and Centered: A Parenting and Education Summit to support parents in their transition to work-at-home-parents and home educating their children during the coronavirus self-isolation.

Don't stress about the sudden transition to working and educating at home in isolation!

Are you suddenly faced with not only having to work from home, but be the teacher too?

Does the thought of having to make your child continue their studies make you want to run and hide?

Maybe you can feel the anxiety building around the state-of-affairs in this world and you’re wondering how to talk to your kids about it.

Or maybe you’re not managing at all and you can feel the stress and overwhelm bubbling up and you’re afraid you’re going to snap at any moment!

Then join me and more than 10 experts in education, parenting, and health and wellness in a FREE Pop-up Summit giving you the tools and support you need in making this transition!

Speakers and Schedule

4pm est

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Mary Cook of This Indulgent Life on The Missing Component to Getting Work Done With Kids

Most, if not all, of us have things to get done. Maybe it’s house work, taking care of another younger child, or actual work for someone else. You weren’t able to prep for becoming a work-at-home parent and even though you now have lots of amazing ideas to help your kids with their education, you’re still having trouble getting them to work independently! If that’s the case you may be missing this essential ingredient!

4pm est

Sherry M. Lee of YLiteracy on Making Reading Fun

I know many parents are feeling the stress of getting their children to read consistently. After all, there always seems to be something other than reading to do, right?!? Yet there are ways in which we, as parents, can ensure that reading is not viewed as a chore by our children. We’ll be talking about some of those ways along with some simple, yet fun reading strategies to work on!

5pm est

Jamie Atwood on Using This Time to Slow Down and Why That’s Important

Now that we are inside more and have to slow the pace of being out and about- what have we noticed, how can we reflect upon that and look toward the future.

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