Mary is an incredible woman and mother.

She meets you where you are as a parent and helps you discover parenting on your own terms with a focus on a loving a gentle approach.

The beauty of Mary and her coaching is her radical acceptance of where we are, and her willingness to talk about the struggles we all have as parents.

She has created a spaced that allows us to be honest, seek alternatives and grow as parents. You will find a safe and welcome space in Mary’s group and coaching.

I 100% recommend this woman to all mothers who are seeking to grow as parents ❤️.”

~Elizabeth, momma of 1

This mommy business is HARD

Break the cycles

Rid the mom guilt

Curb the anger

So what's the answer?

How can you stop the cycle?

How can you live the life you want instead of catering to everyone else?

How can you help your child grow up to be a caring human being, who is also resilient and independent, but also will still come to you when they need help?

You’ve already started.

The next step is to reach out for a FREE call.

Let me support you in developing the tools and mindset shifts you need to bring out the joyful and confident momma already living within you.

Are you ready to parent peacefully and joyfully?

“Becoming a mom meant letting go and realizing I already had everything I needed within me to be the momma I was designed to be. That I could trust myself.

She may be buried under fears and trauma, but with a little support and education I could be the momma I was MEANT TO BE. Not what society dictated I SHOULD be.”

“Wonderful place for mamas to connect who are trying to stay happy, sane, and positive on their motherhood journey.

Mary hosts awesome videos guiding mothers on positive parenting techniques, how to combat mom overwhelm, and so much more.

She is so authentic and warm. You will love her as much as we all do!!”

~Brandi, momma of 2

“I love how real Mary is about life! She will motivate you, give you tips/tricks and will give you ways to view your situation differently to help you live your best life. Thank you Mary!”

~Jessica, momma of 4

Hey! I’m Mary.
I’m so excited to walk this journey with you!

parenting coach

     Even though I had worked with children for almost 20 years before I ever became a mother, it wasn’t until he was 10 months old that something shifted in me.

I started this journey to discover what the most effective way to parent was. Not what TV shows showed, not what our parents and other elders said needed done, not even what my best friend did.

But to trust my instincts in the calm moments and the brain research that wasn’t available even 10 years ago!

One day, my husband and I were sitting around watching our newly walking son toddle from one object to the next and to his new fascination was a rotating fan... sitting on a low platform… right at his eye level… He was fascinated!

And we were nervous. We said no a couple times while removing his hands, but he always went back. And then it happened, my husband told me to smack his hand because he wasn’t listening and we didn’t want him getting hurt…

You read that right…

Our plan was to hurt our son so he wouldn’t get hurt.

Now obviously one would be worse physically than the other, but not 10 minutes before we were reminding him not to hit the dogs!

And now I needed to hit him? For what? For not having any impulse control and exploring his world?

Everything I had believed till that point was suddenly called into question. But I didn’t have the resources, the support, or even the words to help me find a new path.

I began researching and that’s how the blog started. Just a mom sharing the information she’s learned along the way.

Little did I realize it would become my calling.

Now I am the one helping others mommas.

  • Giving you support when the rest of your family thinks you’re spoiling your child.
  • Identifying triggers that make it hard to trust your instincts because they’re buried beneath so much pain
  • Teaching you tools and strategies to help make not only your day to day run smoother, but to help reduce the power struggles that seem to be an hourly occurrence with little kids.
  • Giving you a safe zone to reflect on events and decide on how to move forward.

I’m your sounding board, your accountability partner, your advocate.