About This Indulgent Life

At This Indulgent Life I strive to provide you with resources and inspiration to help you, and me, live an indulgent life.

Indulgent means:

1: willing to allow excessive leniency, generosity, or consideration

2: done or enjoyed as a special treat or pleasure

    This is a place that I hope you come to see as excessively generous as well as your little special treat on a long day. Where you can be inspired to go on more adventures, even if it’s just in your own backyard and create deeper family bonds. 


Want to know more about me?

 I’m a mom of a very adventurous little boy who is really teaching me all about life, adventure, and perseverance. I’m a wife to a man who is a Jack-of-all-trades and who owns a video production business. I’m a photographer, a teacher, a nomad. 

And now I’m sitting here in a tiny village in Hong Kong watching the sun set beyond my balcony while dreaming of my next adventure restoring a vintage airstream and traveling the USA as a fulltime RV Family!


  I’d love to know what questions you have or topics you want covered, subscribe below to stay up-to-date with This Indulgent Life and then email me at [email protected] and tell me a little about your journey and what you want to see on This Indulgent Life.

boy Easter outfit

Meet "J"

This little lovebug is what makes this page possible. He is loves to explore new textures, places, and foods. He is clever and such a lover. I want to improve and learn to be the best mom for him. And of course show him the world and everything in it!

Meet "Hubby"

The man that left all he knew to help me pursue my dream of teaching abroad. He's a jack-of-all-trades and has recently re-opened his video production company to service all who need a story told. 

pit mix

Meet "Bear"

The big dog that's just a sweet baby. He's a mongrel Hubby has had since he was a puppy and we brought him over from the USA to HK. He's the kind of dog that mainly sticks to himself, but that all the other dogs and the kids want to play with. He loves his butt scratched and thinks he's a small dog, especially when he wants in your lap! He's also the most patient with "J" letting him chase him around and play tug with him.

Meet "Duke"

The medium dog with BIG personality. He loves to cuddle and will paw at you till you let him under the covers. He loves to play, but is often so rambunctious the others get a little scared. His nickname was once "Ritalin" by a friend. He's a lump on a log for most the day, but if someone new comes along he can't stop running around! We got him from a shelter and also brought him over to HK.

Meet "T"

This woman deserves her own page she's that amazing. This house would not function without her. She has left her own daughter in the Philippines to help take care of our family (daycares don't really exist here). She makes being a mother so much easier because I don't have to worry about if my son is being cared for and when I'm home, I'm home. She's tiny but mighty, loves Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and between her and "J" the locals like us because of them lol.