Moms creating a life of joy, peace, and purpose

As a teenager my mom used to tell me about generational curses and how she hoped I would be the one to break ours. From divorce to being a better parent to not living pay check to pay check my mom had big goals for me. 

Little did she know that almost 20 years later that’s exactly what I’d be doing. And I’d be helping others do the same. 

As a former nanny and teacher I’ve always had a deep interest in child development and helping children feel safe and accepted so they could learn. But it wasn’t until I became a mother that my ingrained beliefs on punishment, especially yelling and spankings, were challenged when they came in direct confrontation with trusting my instincts. Another trait my mother taught me and I was learning to trust again. 

Suddenly my whole world view was being challenged. And while, instinctually, it made sense not to smack my 10m old for touching the fan, logically I couldn’t figure out how it worked. In the world I grew up in you were either disciplined harshly or you raised by permissive parents. There was no in-between. This conundrum fueled my need to learn how this all could work and from attachment parenting to gentle parenting and everything in between my worldview was broadened. 

Two years later and it’s become my life’s mission to helping other mommas of littles learn to not only navigate a parenting style far different from the one they grew up in, but to trust their instincts and create a life they love. To have the confidence to break the cycles of anger, shame, and fear and create a life of joy, peace, and purpose. 

Meet "J"

This little lovebug is what makes this page possible. He loves to explore new places and figure out how things work. He is clever and such a thrill-seeker. I want to improve and learn to be the best mom for him. And of course show him the world and everything in it!

Meet "Hubby"

The man that left all he knew to help me pursue my dream of teaching abroad. He's a jack-of-all-trades  that has recently taken over the role of main breadwinner of our family. Within 5 days of returning to the states, he was knee-deep in training to become an RV Tech and Inspector. A very useful profession when one lives in an RV lol!

pit mix

Meet "Bear"

The big dog that's just a sweet baby. He's a mongrel Hubby has had since he was a puppy and we brought him over from the USA to HK and back again. He's the kind of dog that mainly sticks to himself, but that all the other dogs and the kids want to play with. He loves his butt scratched and thinks he's a small dog, especially when he wants in your lap! He's also the most patient with "J" letting him chase him around and play tug with him.

Meet "Duke"

The medium dog with BIG personality. He loves to cuddle and will paw at you till you let him under the covers. He loves to play, but is often so rambunctious the others get a little scared. His nickname was once "Ritalin" by a friend. He's a lump on a log for most the day, but if someone new comes along he can't stop running around! We got him from a shelter and also brought him over to HK and back again!