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016: Raising a Bilingual Child, Even if You’re Monolingual with Karim of Spanish Educational Solutions

    Have you ever considered raising a bilingual child? Even if you’re a monolingual family? In this episode we have Spanish teacher and family travel veteran, Karim Morato of Spanish Educational Solutions, give us inside tips on how best to raise bilingual kids, even if you’re not bilingual yourself! Read more…

7 Tools for Kids Who are Wired Differently |This Indulgent Life | A review from 'How to talk so little kids will listen' on the 7 tools parents of neurodivergent kids can use to gently parent. | #neurodivergent #gentleparenting #autismspectrumdisorder #sensoryprocessingdisorder

Reflecting on “How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen” Chapter 5: Tools for Kids Who Are Differently Wired

Reflecting on Chapter 5: Tools for Kids Who Are Differently Wired- Modifications for autism and sensory issues Parenting or teaching a child who is strong-willed or neuroatypical has its own challenges and rewards, but the inability to reason with them in a way you expect makes many think that these Read more…