022: The Catch-Up Episode- Where Have We Been?

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It seems like we fell off the face the earth for a while, and to be honest, we kinda did lol. This episode is just a quick update on what’s happened since our last episode in Hong Kong, why I had to pause the podcast unintentionally, and the new direction this podcast and my coaching business is taking and why! 

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Just a recap:

First Campfire!
  • We moved from Hong Kong in July after a crazy week of trying to fit all our worldly possessions into 6 suitcases, selling or giving away the rest, and cleaning 3 floors of our house… all with a toddler underfoot!
  • We had canceled flights in Toronto which led to an adventure day where we checked out the aquarium!
  • In less than a week after we got back, we fixed the truck, bought and cleaned our new home, a 1991 26′ 5th wheel, and drove to Athens, TX for my husband’s training to become a mobile RV Tech.
  • We then traveled back via Arkansas and Tennesee to visit friends.
  • I lived with in-laws while we started our businesses and then moved back in the camper. Finally pulling our computer out for the first time in 2 months!
  • My mom comes to visit and then we spend two weeks traveling and getting hubby some extra education credits!
  • The husband’s business takes off and I learn how to be a work-at-home mom.
  • We finally start on the Airstream!
  • I slowly rebuild my business and my group, now without my podcast editor.
  • I chopped off all my hair and it was liberating!

Where the podcast and business are going:

When I started this podcast I focused purely on family travel and adventures. I believed, and still do, that it was vitally important to families and to raising resilient well-rounded children.

So I started coaching moms on how to build in more family adventures, big and small, close and far. But through that process, I realized the deeper work we were doing. Family adventures were just one portion of what these moms needed. They wanted support in their parenting journey so they could stop feeling so overwhelmed and angry all the time.

She wanted a close connection with her spouse and children, but felt triggered by so much and struggled to connect… especially roughhousing. They were trying to parent differently than they were parented, but they didn’t have a village they could talk to and they struggled.

So I became that coach. It turns out that family fun is just one aspect of a bigger need, so I’m going to help where I’ve been called and I’m now a parenting and life coach to moms who want to create a life of joy, peace, and purpose! So stay tuned for previously recorded episodes around travel, and new ones helping you on this parenting and life journey!

Hugging a donkey in Gettysburg.

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