024: Growing Up As a First Generation American with Brian Zhou

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Welcome to another episode of This Indulgent Life podcast!

I am finally catching up on some interviews and today I’m chatting with Brian of the Brian Zhou Show.

In this episode, Brian shares what it was like growing up as a first generation Asian American and how he paved his own path to the American Dream.

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Who is Brian Zhou:

Brian is a 1st generation asian american that had strict asian parents. He felt forced to go to school to be a white collar worker, but along the way decided it wasn’t for him so he decided to change his life trajectory, live for himself by traveling to New Zealand and discovering his passion for photos and video. Now he has his own media company and podcast called Brian Zhou multimedia and the Brian Zhou show respectively. And he has big plans for the teens to help them discover their true passions too!

Prefer to watch the interview?

The Expat Life:

Brian grew up in a traditional Asian household. His parents always encouraged him to pursue a white-collar job which in their eyes would bring stability and secureness to Brian’s life.

The entrepreneur was attending PA (physician’s assistant) school when he realized he wasn’t happy and wanted more out of life. After breaking up with his girlfriend and having a small taste of what he calls freedom, he decided to book a one-way flight ticket to New Zealand and never looked back.

The Parents:

Growing up between two completely different cultures wasn’t easy for Brian. He remembers learning Chinese as his first language, and that getting straight A’s in school was the most important thing for their parents when it came to education.

Due to their strictness, once he reached the teenage years, Brian started to realize how communicating with them was becoming harder. On one side, his parents kept very strong Chinese habits, while on the other Brian was living a fully American life with different beliefs and ideas about life.

Brian’s Advice for Parents:

  • Spend time and learn to be present when you are with your kids.
  • Hear what they need and respond to that.
  • Let them get bored. Boredom is where the real magic actually happens.
  • Talk to your kids like an adult. They will understand as long as you explain.
  • Teach your kids essential skills: manners, patience, creativity…be aware of what’s necessary for a good kind-hearted, well rounded human being.
  • Teach them how to think! The more they think, the more they’ll be able to solve their problems in the future.

You can find Brian on:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brianzhoumultimedia/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrianZhouMultiMedia/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzXhklovOw70NNOm9mo23xA


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