Boogie’s Book Review Episode 1: Fuzzy Ocean and My First Learning Groovers: Animals

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In Boogie’s Book Review Episode 1, we will look at 2 interactive children’s books about animals. These two fun books are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. These children’s books are great for building vocabulary and sight recognition while appealing to the kinesthetic learners.


Do you have a favorite interactive children’s book? Let me know what it is in the comments below!

Boogie’s Book Review Episode 1:

Fuzzy Ocean and My First Learning Groovers: Animals

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Fuzzy Ocean- an interactive felt board book

 by Erin Ranson (Author), Barry Green (Illustrator)


This book was a birthday gift from a friend. Her son actually picked it out because he has one just like it that he loves! I would say he made a good choice.

Fuzzy Ocean is a board book that features 5 under-the-water ocean scenes and 20 ocean animals and objects. From a starfish to a treasure chest and the scuba-diver to explore it all, each felt piece is soft and colorful. Each spread includes one side that is the felt board ocean scene and one side that displays the 4 ocean pieces with a story like description of where they can be found or what action they’re taking. Your child then uses the felt pieces to match the images on one side and then follow the directions to put them on the felt board side.


BBR-fuzzy ocean- close upHow we use the book:

Of course Boogie just loves playing with all the pieces and at his age we just use the book for vocabulary and matching practice. The felt pieces are the same size and color as the ones in the book, so it makes for perfect matching practice. We also talk about colors and name the piece to build recognition. Boogie also just loves playing with the pieces; feeling their texture, seeing them “stick” to other objects, and even putting them on his head! This is the absolute favorite book in the house right now. He will bring it to me everyday to open the little compartment so he can play with the pieces. 

The Cons:

plaing with fuzzy ocean on daddyThere are not many cons to this book. It’s well loved, the board pages are strong enough to weather my very destructive child and the felt pieces stay soft and yet, durable. However, the pieces are rather small and so could easily be lost. We haven’t yet, miraculously, but I could see it happening easily. But I guess that’s the nature of this type of book, otherwise the book would have to be very large. 


BBR-fuzzy ocean- pieces on his headI also am not a huge fan of the container for the pieces. My version is a bit different than the version on amazon, but they’re both still just plastic. I would have much preferred a box with a magnetic clasp that’s made of the same material as the pages of the book. I’ve seen it done before, so I know it can be done, but of course it would be more costly. I just worry that this little plastic case won’t stand the test of time because I know my son will be playing with this book for at least a couple more years on and off.


My First Learning Groovers: Animals- an interactive finger tracing book


My First Learning Groovers: Animals is actually a part of a set of “groove” books. In addition to the animals book there is the Colors and Shapes, ABCs, and 123 books.

This touch-and-feel board book features bright eye-catching colors that compliment the color of the animals inside. There is one animal per page with a different outline to trace on each animal. The words are all in lower-case letters and are in an easy to read size and font. Each line to trace is dotted and indented making it easy for little fingers to follow.


How we use the book:

groovers animalsThis is a nice easy “read” for us. A supplement book so to speak. I wouldn’t use it for our nightly reading, but it’s great to use in addition to another shorter book or when your child has a short attention span. I also use it sometimes when I’m trying to distract him from something else I need him to stop playing with as the colors are very enticing.




This book is great for building vocabulary of animals. We also point to the colors and name them. For example I might say “I see a yellow duck on a blue page.” This helps him identify colors, location, and the animal name. Later when he starts learning to read we will use it to help with sight word recognition. The tracing of the animal while you say the animal’s name helps the child remember better because it activates multiple areas of the brain.


Overall, both these books are much loved in our house. However Fuzzy Ocean is the clear winner for Boogie. Every day he finds his book and brings it to us, eagerly anticipating the opening of the little plastic flap housing all the animals. It’s amazing we haven’t lost any yet!


Now that you’ve seen both, which one do you think your child would be most interested in now? Let me know in the comments below!



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