Boogie’s Book Review Episode 2: Peekaboo A to Z and Peekaboo 123

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This week on Boogie’s Book Review we’re going to look at two peekaboo books by the same author, Becky Davies, and Illustrator, Gareth Lucas, to help your child learn their alphabet and numbers. These books are perfect for older toddlers, preschoolers, and early readers and feature fun interactive elements.

Do you have a favorite counting or alphabet book? Let me know in the comments below!

Boogie’s Book Review Episode 2:


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Take a look at these two silly but educational books for toddlers | This Indulgent Life | These Peekaboo a to z and 123 books feature silly animals and fun alliterations. | #liftflapbooks #childrenbooksreview #animalbooksforkids #bookreviewsforkids #toddlerbooks #bestbooksfortoddler #childrensbooksfortoddlers #bestbooksforpreschoolers #kidsbooks #booksforpreschoolers #bestbookstolearnthealphabet #abcbooks #booksaboutanimals #interactivechildrensbooks #whimsicalchildrensbooks #educationalbooksfortoddlers
You need these flap books for your toddler | This Indulgent Life | These Peekaboo a to z and 123 books feature silly animals and fun alliterations. | #liftflapbooks #childrenbooksreview #animalbooksforkids #bookreviewsforkids #toddlerbooks #bestbooksfortoddler #childrensbooksfortoddlers #bestbooksforpreschoolers #kidsbooks #booksforpreschoolers #bestbookstolearnthealphabet #abcbooks #booksaboutanimals #interactivechildrensbooks #whimsicalchildrensbooks #educationalbooksfortoddlers
These whimsical learning books will enchant your young child | This Indulgent Life | These Peekaboo a to z and 123 books feature silly animals and fun alliterations. | #liftflapbooksforkids #childrenbooksreview #animalbooksforkids #bookreviewsforkids #toddlerbooks #bestbooksfortoddler #childrensbooksfortoddlers #bestbooksforpreschoolers #kidsbooks #booksforpreschoolers #bestbookstolearnthealphabet #abcbooks #booksaboutanimals #interactivechildrensbooks #whimsicalchildrensbooks #educationalbooksfortoddlers

These two books were gifts from my mom. She knows how much I love books! They both feature a zebra as a “narrator” and clever characters in hilarious situations. The illustrations are colorful without being too bright and are expertly brought to life under each flap. The author’s alliterations are rhythmic while making children laugh at the absurdity of foxes in firetrucks and a bear balancing on a bean.


peekaboo books



In Peekaboo A to Z, each page features at least one letter of the alphabet and an accompanying animal that starts with that letter on the top of a flap. Next to it is the name of the animal in a colorful and funky, but still easy to read, font.


peekaboo a to z with toddler



Once you lift the flap you see the animal again, but this time in a whimsical situation. Accompanying the illustration is the letter and an alliteration of what’s occurring. For example; “A is for Alligator admiring some art” or “F is for Fox following footprints”






peekaboo books



Whereas in Peekaboo A to Z the only overarching storyline is that the zebra is anxiously waiting his turn, Peekaboo 123 has an underlying plot. It’s an amusing counting book filled with lively characters in hilarious situations while the animals race on land, in the sea, and in the air.



Peekaboo 123 with a toddler at bathtimeEach spread features the zebra and some mice narrating the race and all the calamities that occur along the way. Every page features at least one flap with the number and the word written in a clear bold script. Comical alliterations under each number flap show the animals racing in various “vehicles”. You can expect to see the book count by 1 from 1 to 20, then 20-50 by ten, and after 50 it just shows 100. This may get a little confusing for those just learning to count but will be a great extension activity as they get older and more comfortable with their numbers. 

Peekaboo 123

How we use the books + extension activities:

Repetition is key with any alphabet or counting books. So at Boogie’s age it’s just about reading the book and really emphasizing the number or letter (and letter sound) and pointing out the animals and other parts of the book. In the 123 book we do try and count the animals at least until 20, but if you want to count to 100, then go for it! lol

As your child gets older you could extend the usefulness of the book by teaching what alliteration is and coming up with your own versions. You could even create drawings of these alliterations or take it a step further and create your own book of alliterations around a theme of your child’s choice.

Peekaboo A to Z

The cons:

There aren’t many cons to these books. The rhythm of the text and the lively illustrations are sure to enchant many children. However, it’s the book itself that I have a problem with. Considering the age bracket these books are geared towards you’d think they would be designed a bit more sturdily. The pages and flaps are slightly thicker than cardstock and the flaps are easily ripped. The binding is an accordion style binding with makes it easy to break through the side of the spine as well. At least, for our strong and excited child. But despite these design flaws I would still buy the books again.

Toddler reading Peekaboo A to Z

These two books make the perfect pair as they both feature a zebra as the narrator and use alliteration in each flap.


Now that you’ve seen both, which one do you think your child would be most interested in now? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to share with your friends!




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