003- Mags Nixon of The Family Freestylers-Family Volunteering & Skiing with cerebral palsy

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Welcome to our very first interview on the new podcast! In this episode, we talk with Mags Nixon from The Family Freestylers on developing empathy with family volunteering and how skiing has helped her youngest reverse the effects of cerebral palsy.


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This interview was incredible. I so enjoyed Mags’ energy, passion, and insight into family travel. From why they decided to become expats in France to the experience she had doing family volunteering in Borneo, this episode is jam packed with inspiration.


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Family Volunteering & Reversing Cerebral Palsy with the Family Freestylers | On episode 3 of the podcast I interview Mags Nixon of The Family Freestylers about how skiing has helped reverse her daughter's cerebral palsy and the benefits of family volunteering. | #familyvolunteering #cerebralpalsy #cerebralpalsytreatment #familytravel #travelpodcast #familyinterview #worldschooling #borneo #thegreatprojects #apemalaysia #rainforesttrips #skiing #familyskiing #chamonixfrance

Who is Mags Nixon from The Family Freestylers?

The Family Freestylers Podcast Interview at the beachMags Nixon, a family travel adventure blogger, lives in the French Alps with her two girls and husband Scott. Mags traveled the globe extensively pre-kids & has twice won a TV travel reality show where she had to race to get back to the UK from an unknown destination in the world… with no money! She has done every conceivable job in order to travel. And today writes about traveling and outdoor family adventures on her blog, The Family Freestylers, which aims to inspire & encourage families to get outdoors with their kids. Whether that be hiking & camping locally, embarking on multi-day treks around Mont Blanc or more adventurous trips such as family volunteering in the depths of the rainforest in Borneo.


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In This Episode with Mags from The Family Freestylers We Cover:

How becomings expats in the French Alps has reversed the effects of Cerebral Palsy in Bo.

The Family Freestylers Skiing

Bo is Mags’ younger daughter and she has a mild form of cerebral palsy which affected her ability to walk sometimes. A few years ago the doctors noticed that every time she would come back from a skiing holiday Bo’s condition seemed to be improved. After dealing with the inflexibility of the UK school system they picked up and moved to where it all began in Chamonix, France. This allowed the family to not only do what they love, but they could provide what Bo needed to help improve the symptoms of cerebral palsy… skiing.


The benefits of taking a family volunteering trip with your tween.

The Great Project Borneo with The Family FreestylersAt 10, Mags oldest, Minnie was entering her tween years, and all that entails. In order to develop a deeper bond with Minnie and put a little focus on her dreams and interests, Mags decided to take a one-on-one trip to Borneo to do a family volunteering holiday. After extensive research to make sure she was working with a reputable company, she decided to go with UK-based The Great Projects. In Borneo, they went to help replant trees in the rainforest to help the movement of the orangutans. Through this experience, not only did they create unforgettable memories together, but Minnie was able to see first hand how interconnected the world is. An educational experience that just can’t be realized in a traditional classroom setting. 

Where to Find Mags from The Family Freestylers

The Family Freestylers whole family skiiing in Chamonix

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Amanda · April 30, 2019 at 6:02 pm

Such an inspiring article. Can’t wait to follow them!!

Mags · May 5, 2019 at 3:56 am

Thanks so much for having me Mary! It was such a pleasure chatting away to you. I hope our story inspires other families 🙂

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