001: The Pilot- Who is This Indulgent Life? And what you can expect from this family travel podcast

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Have you ever dreamed of traveling with your family? Whether you want to do an around-the-world trip via plane, train, or boat, to RV across your country, or to live and work abroad as an expat, this podcast will have a story to inspire you. On this pilot episode, we look at what this podcast is about, a little about my family, the goals for the podcast, and what you can expect in upcoming episodes.

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Who is This Indulgent Life, The Podcast!?

This Indulgent Life, The Podcast! is a place where together, wanderlusting families navigate respectful parenting, education, and fulfilling our dreams of having an extraordinary life through family travel.

We believe that life shouldn’t just be an obligation. That the “American Dream” isn’t the same for everyone. And that life is most fulfilled when we live life like it’s an indulgence… cherished and enjoyed. And the best way to do that is through enjoying experiences together and following our hearts. May you be inspired to do the same.

About me, your hostess!

I’m Mary Cook, and my family currently lives in Hong Kong as an expat family. One day I looked at my husband and told him I was dying inside and about 2 months later I was an art teacher in Hong Kong and a few months after that we brought over our dogs. My son was born here and we’re excited for the next chapter of our family adventures!


The goals for the podcast

  1. To inspire you to follow your dreams and travel with your family. I know that it can seem like a pie-in-the-sky type of dream, but through personal stories and interviews with families around the world, you’ll discover a method right for your family.
  2. To educate you on the many different methods of traveling with kids. Most people think that you have to have a lot of money and stay in hotels to travel, but each week we’ll show you how different families conquer their dreams of traveling with their children. From RVing to sailing to living abroad on a work visa, these interviews will help you develop a plan for that fits your family’s needs.
  3. To form a community where we help each other create family adventures. From day trips to local attractions to full-time family travel domestically and internationally to living and working abroad as expats, there’s something for everyone!
  4. Provide help on parenting, education, and logistics specifically for traveling families.


Have you joined our new Facebook group yet? Come join us there to get all your family travel help and inspiration!

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