Mommy & Me and a Tai O Chinese Puppet Show

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While most families were dressing in their Sunday finest, going on Easter egg hunts, and having family dinners, my family wasn’t even all together. Allen was doing a video gig at a concert so it was just Boogie and me on Easter Sunday… And with Easter not being a big thing here I did not spend the money on all the stuff. He’s 2 he won’t know lol! So instead we had an experience day where we explored more of our village that I hadn’t seen yet. A mommy and me day with temples and a Tai O Chinese puppet show!


Scroll down for the video!


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Mommy & Me Day in Tai O

Sometimes I just want to just sit at home and do nothing. Sometimes the introverted side of me just needs to veg out and stay in the air conditioning… But Boogie makes sure I don’t climb down that hole too far.


You see… he’s an action-packed little boy who could spend all day outside and love it. It doesn’t matter if it’s 100 degrees and the bugs are attacking like crazy, he just wants to be outside. We balance each other.


So on this Easter Sunday, I knew he wouldn’t let me stay inside all day. His need to go outside, and my need to have new experiences, meant we needed a family adventure! A mommy and me day to explore temples and a traditional Chinese puppet show in Tai O!


So we went on a walk to explore the part of Tai O that I had only seen from the bus window till that point. My goal… the big red temple against the bottom of the mountain surrounded by flags and water.


John’s goal… to put his stick in every hole, annoy every crab, and just explore every crevice of our home. So it took a lot longer to get to than normal lol! Definitely a theme when adventuring with little kids!




After exploring the mangroves and then the temple we headed across the bridge to the main part of town. As we were walking a local family had gotten out of their car ahead of us and John decided to run up ahead and grab the dad’s hand. He just kept walking along like it was completely normal! Luckily, the family had a good laugh and we all just went along with it. He even went and switched to the mom’s hand a little while later. That’s why we love living way out here, the people are just the sweetest.


After playing at the playground for a bit, where another local family was playing and shared their books with him, we went back home for nap time. Oh lovely nap time! But at the same time I was really hoping he’d wake up in time for us to go to the Tai O Chinese Puppet Show! I mean it’s not every day you get to have that kind of experience!


The Tai O Chinese Puppet Show

Luckily he woke up around the time the show was starting and so we quickly got ready and this time I carried him on my shoulders so we didn’t take 30 minutes to walk 10 lol!


What an experience it was. I literally had no clue what was going on, but it was unique! It was outside with some chairs and speakers. Boogie loved it, but man are Chinese puppet shows violent. The whole thing seemed to be fighting. Even the end was this bizarre situation with a centipede fighting with chicken, then a chicken fighting a dog, then a dog fighting tiger, and finally an ox fighting the tiger before the goatman came back and then there were monkeys and yeah you get the picture… You have to watch the video below to understand lol.


So there you have it a mommy and son day out on Easter Sunday. We didn’t spend any money, we didn’t travel anywhere, we just walked around and explored what our home had to offer. And in the process, we had an amazing experience.


So your challenge for this week is to get out and explore an area of your home town you haven’t been yet and see what interesting experiences you can find! Have fun!



Crysta Parkinson · June 18, 2019 at 11:27 pm

What a fun puppet show! There is so much to find when exploring your own back yard!

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