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Review and Reflections of How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen by Joanna Faber & Julie King


How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen Book Cover | Book Review | This Indulgent LifeRecently I started listening to the audiobook of “How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen” as was recommended to me. I honestly was recommended this one because of my son,. I also was recommended the original, “How to Talk so Kids Will Listen, and Listen so Kids Will Talk” and “How to Talk so Kids Can Learn” for my students. I decided to start with the one for little kids because I felt like maybe it was working from the ground up. Might seem silly, but what can I say 🤷‍♀️😜.

 In case you are just joining me in the journey of reading this book you can find the book at one of the following places: (These may be affiliate links, where at no cost to you I receive a small commision to help support this site… and my own reading addiction. You can find more information in my disclosure policy.)

For the ebook or audio book version: I use Scribd which has both the ebook and the audiobook of “How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen”. When you sign up using my link you get two free months instead of 1, and I get an extra month too!

For the hardcopy version: Sometimes you just like to have a physical copy, you can find “How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen at Amazon. 

Was the book helpful?

Well, I can say that no matter what age your kids this book is immensely helpful! I mean you may not want to use all the tips for 10 and over, but you’d still find gems along the way. I haven’t even finished the book and I’m already seeing the changes in me and how I’m approaching situations. However, it is packed full with tools and information so I felt the need to take a break and reflect on part of it before moving on. I also feel like one should try one or two “tools” at a time until you’re more comfortable with them to prevent overload. So I wouldn’t advise just reading this book straight through and then moving to the next. Give it some time to sink in, to ferment so to speak.


How to read the book:

how to talk so little kids will listen review | Book review | parenting advice | gentle parenting resources | Positive Parenting | This Indulgent LifeThis book is broken up into two sections; Part 1 that goes through the different tools to add to your “toolbox” and Part 2 which shows these tools in action in all the different situations that parents routinely struggle with. As part 2 is just the tips in action, I’ll only be reviewing part 1.

Part 1 of “How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen”- The Essential Toolbox

There are 5 chapters in part one. Each chapter brings you a set of tools, examples, helpful tips, and real-life stories for various situations you would normally encounter stress or resistance with your child. It’s read in such a light-hearted and friendly (How is a book friendly?!🤔) way that you just feel as if the author is talking straight to you and that she truly gets you. In fact, I’ve been known to have a little laugh on the train or bus while listening to the book… out loud 🙈. I’m sure the people around me thought I’d lost my marbles.

My biggest victory is that I even got my husband to start listening to it in the car when he picked me up from the train. I started it back from the beginning and he even laughed several times. When I asked him what he thought and if he’d want to continue listening when we drive he said he really liked it and would…. mind you my husband is NOT the self-help book kind of guy, so this is huge. Just don’t go do what I did and completely ruin it later that night in a fight with said spouse 🤦‍♀️. Hopefully, I get as many do-overs in marriage as the authors suggest I get in parenting…

Here are the key takeaways for each chapter.

I’ll update as I go, but be sure to read each one as I give anecdotes from my personal life and from teaching as well as create cheat sheets you can copy and look at as needed!

Chapter 1- Tools for Handling Emotions  

The foundation of the whole book. All the other chapters build off this one. The whole premise is that kids can’t behave right if they don’t feel right. And that the only way to get over an emotion is to help guide them through it. A lot easier said than done if you weren’t raised to accept emotions.

Chapter 2- Tools for Engaging Cooperation

The most anticipated chapter! They give 9 tools and lots of stories and advice to help get your kids to listen to you. From running off to sibling rivalry this chapter covers it all.

Chapter 3- Tools for Resolving Conflict

With this chapter, power struggles are becoming a thing of the past. Use these 5 tools to help train your child to make amends and become problem solvers.

Chapter 4- Tools for Praise and Appreciation

Did you know that there’s a wrong way to praise kids?! I didn’t either. I thought praise was good no matter what, but if you want to raise resilient kids, you need to read this chapter.

Chapter 5- Tools for Kids Who Are Differently Wired

If you a child with autism, ADHD, or any other neurodiversity then this is the chapter for you. The tools will still work for you, but there are some additional tools for you in this chapter. To be honest, though, these tips are really useful for all kids, so don’t skip it!

Chapter 5 1/4- The Basics… You Can’t Talk Your Way Out Of These


Part 2 of “How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen”- The Tools in Action

This section, so aptly named, gives you real-life examples of how to use the toolbox in 14 common problem areas families of young (all?) children encounter, and one troubleshooting chapter. While it’s definitely better to have read all the tools before reading this section so you have that background knowledge, it’s not a requirement. If you’re picking up this book because you’re struggling with a specific issue and need help right away, then please by all means read the section that pertains to your needs first. Maybe seeing how others have dealt with it and used the tools will be more helpful for when you do go back to the beginning.


1. Food Fights

2. Morning Madness

3. Sibling Rivalry

4. Shopping with Children

5. Lies

6. Parents Have Feelings Too

7. Tattling

8. Clean-up

9. Doctor’s Orders

10. Shy Kids

11. Little Runaways

12. Hitting, Pinching, Poking, Punching, Pushing

13. Sleep

14. When Parents Get Angry

15. Troubleshooting


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