You Need To Experience Tuen Mun Park’s Inclusive Playground!

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We had Boogie’s 2nd birthday at Tuen Mun Park’s inclusive playground this year and it was amazing! From music to water play, and everything in-between this park in Hong Kong’s New Territories is perfect for a family day out! Scroll down to see the Vlog about this fun day at Tuen Mun Park and a list of what you need to bring!


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Our Experience at Tuen Mun Park’s Inclusive Playground!

Have you ever visited Hong Kong and gone to Tuen Mun Park? In December of 2018, the city unveiled their new renovation and it’s everything a public park should be! It’s out of the way for most of Hong Kong way up in the New Territories, but it’s easily accessible via MTR, bus, and tram.


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The Best New Inclusive Park In Hong Kong- Tuen Mun Park | Traveling to Hong Kong with kids? Then you need to make a stop at Tuen Mun Park. It's a bit out of the way, but this inclusive playground is a dream sensory experience for kids and adults alike! | #inclusiveplayground #travelwithkids #familytravel #travelhongkong #tuenmunpark #sensoryexperiences #watertables #HongKongwithkids



Our Visit To Tuen Mun Park

We first visited this park on the first day of Chinese New Year on the recommendation of a friend from work. Her daughter had been going here with her aunt and uncle and she loved it! I knew I had to go even though it’s so far from my home (though honestly, what isn’t far from my house?).

We decided on the first day of Chinese New Year because from past experience the first and second days are when everyone is visiting family at their homes and not as many people are out and about… Boy were we wrong this year! Turned out everyone decided to come to the park! Luckily, it’s a very large park with lots to see and do so it wasn’t as overwhelming as it could have been.



Our First Impressions of Tuen Mun Park

Tuen Mun Park exercise

We had no idea where to go when we got there lol. So since we were just exploring we took off to the right coming from the bus station. It’s a maze of paths that intersect and lead to different areas of the park. There are little hidden gardens, a pond to release remote control boats, exercise areas for the elderly, soccer courts, an area to ride your bike or rollerblade, a reptile house, and of course the two sections to the inclusive and multi-sensory playgrounds! Oh, and I forgot the most interesting part… the public entertainment section!




Country Line Dancing Canto Style!

The very first section we came to in the park was the public entertainment section. In this area of the park, you have people who bring their own microphones, amps, and everything needed to sing and dance their way into your hearts! Many of them were even in full costume!

Within a section the size of less than a city block, there were no fewer than 6 performers! Some danced to traditional Cantonese music while some sang songs of their past. The most intriguing though were the group of about 8 men and women who played popular country songs, but sang in Cantonese! Then they line danced as a group! I can’t say that was something I expected to see in Hong Kong!


The Reptile House

A small white structure on top of a hill in the middle of the family section of the park stands the reptile house. It’s nothing worth writing home about but does give you an air-conditioned reprieve from outside and of course, encourages learning and discovery! There are about 25 different animals from Tortoises to lizards to get to know with facts about the animal, their habitat, and their diet!



Tuen Mun Park’s Multi-Sensory Playground

On our first visit, we only got to experience one portion of the new playground, The Northern Portion. The Tuen Mun Park Inclusive Playground is divided into two sections, mostly denoted by a multi-sensory section and a climbing and sand section. Officially it’s The Southern Portion – Reptile Fun and The Northen Portion – Water Lily Park.



The 3 Areas of the Northern Portion of Tuen Mun Park

water lily pad at tuen mun parkIn what I consider the multi-sensory section, aka Water Lily Park, there are 3 main areas to play. Flower Dew Plaza is Boogie’s favorite with cascading water from tall flowers and a splash pad as well as water tables! In the Contour Play Zone you find balancing facilities like spinning plates, climbing mounds, and in-ground trampolines. The Musical Zone features large chimes and drum boxes… though people tend to use the latter as seats.



Tuen Mun Park’s Southern Section- Reptile Fun

Tuen Mun Park Inclusive Playground southern sectionWhile we didn’t get to this portion on our first trip, we did start here when we went for Boogie’s birthday party. You can easily spot this section from the tall wooden tower structure that stands above the trees and the rope bridge leading to a variety of slides. Once you enter this section it’s like a whole new world.

First, it seems normal enough with some swings to the left before the entrance, but then you see this orange sphere on a pole with people spinning around inside! Then you enter the main portion and to the left is a sandpit and a merry-go-round suitable for wheelchairs. In front is a colorful wall with openings to go in and out and some optical illusion mirrors and spinners. To the right is where the real fun begins with slides that are steep and fast, a slide with rollers, a tunnel, a rope-climbing mound, and the climbing tower.



The 6 Areas of the Sothern Section of Tuen Mun Park

There are technically 5 different sections in Reptile Fun. The first area you’ll see is the Swing Area. This area features two sets of swings including a nest swing, a swing seat and a parent-child swing. Next is the Spinning Zone with various types of swaying and spinning play equipment for kids of all ages to enjoy. Once you’ve had enough with spinning you can go to the Sensory Zone where those sensory walls and other tactile movable parts are that I mentioned. Of course, what kid would want to miss the Egg Hunter Area where there is a sand play table and egg-hunting. Basically, an area encouraging children’s creativity and social interaction. And finally, when you really need to challenge your kids bring them over to  Reptile Paradise. In this section, children can challenge themselves on the climbing tower and nets with different heights and difficulty levels, as well as have fun on different types of slides and climbing mounds. 

This section is amazing, but I like it less with little kids because it’s easier to lose sight of them with the tower there.  The multi-sensory section is easy to keep an eye out for children because it’s pretty open and there are no real blocking structures. It also has more seating for parents lol.



Want to see our vlog about Boogie’s birthday at Tuen Mun Park?!

After our first experience at the park, I knew that it would a perfect place to gather with our favorite people in Hong Kong for Boogie’s Birthday. It was free and offered lots of opportunities for our kids to wear themselves out while the adults were able to talk and spend time together! Of course, Allen’s Death By Oreo Cupcakes helped make it extra special and delicious lol! So watch below to see the playground in action!

We’ll be coming out with a new vlog every Friday so be sure to subscribe to follow along! For now, we show trips around Hong Kong, but soon it will be an Airstream Renovation and U.S. family travel!



Our Overall Thoughts On Tuen Mun Park’s Inclusive Playground.

Honestly, I think this is one of the best playgrounds in Hong Kong. It helps that it’s new so it’s not run down yet. Unfortunately, with how many people frequent the playground, I don’t know how long it will stay in the amazing condition it’s in now. It’s one of my gripes about Hong Kong is how often museums and playgrounds are so dilapidated.

I will say, I’m not sure how inclusive it really is. With the exception of the merry-go-round for wheelchairs, I’m trying to figure out how else it works for people with disabilities. But it is a very enriching experience for kids of all ages. It really helps them work their brains and their bodies. And that’s something I can get behind!




What To Bring To Tuen Mun Park’s Inclusive Playground

  • Swimsuit or wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet.
  • Towel
  • Bag to carry wet clothes and towels in. We were lucky that one of the maintenance/ cleaning ladies allowed us to take one of the trash bags the first time, but I wouldn’t count on it.
  • Change of clothes.
  • Your own buckets and spades to play in the sand area
  • Water and snacks. The water fountains weren’t working last we went.
  • Water Shoes or flip flops that can get wet and can wash the sand off of easily.
  • Sunblock. It’s pretty open except for two small sitting areas.
  • An empty bladder… public bathrooms in Hong Kong are something I try to avoid.
  • A camera. Watching your kids play in the playground will be memories you want to remember!


Where to Find Tuen Mun Park?

Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Rd, Tuen Mun

+852 2451 1144



How to Get to Tuen Mun Park?

By MTR:  Get off the West Rail Line (light purple) at Tuen Mun MTR station. Take Exit B and the park is just right next to it. But the playground is a bit further in the park (about 10 mins walk, follow the signs, it’s in front of the reptile house and the courts).

By bus:


Sheung Shui: Kowloon Motor Bus Green Minibus 261, 44

Sha Tin: Kowloon Motor Bus 263

Tsuen Wan: Kowloon Motor Bus MTR (West Rail)53, 60M, 66M

Kwai Chung: Kowloon Motor Bus 58M, 67M

Tsing Yi: Kowloon Motor Bus 68A

Kowloon:Kowloon Motor Bus MTR (West Rail) 52X, 58X, 59S, 60X, 61X, 62X, 63X, 66, 67X, 259D, 260X

Hong Kong: Kowloon Motor Bus 960, 961

Airport: Kowloon Motor Bus E33

Lok Ma Chau: Green Minibus 44B

Light Rail: 


Tuen Mun: Light Rail Transit 505, 507, 614, 614P, 506, K51, K52, K53, K58 Green Minibus 40, 42, 43, 43A, 43B, 43C, 45, 46, 46A

Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai: Light Rail Transit MTR (West Rail) 614, 751




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