Budgeting Woes and Some Hidden Expenses to Remember When Doing Your Budget

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So I don’t know about you, but I find planning budgeting so incredibly difficult even when I was single. I have even gone through Financial Peace University and I was able to pay off so much debt before I ended up moving to PA to get my art certification and get out of a bad living situation. But nothing quite prepares you for doing it with another adult.

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I’ve tried many times in the past to get my husband on board, but planning for the future seems to be a trigger for him and he likes to believe that things will all work out. And since struggling and lack of security is a trigger for me, we tend to struggle. The only way I can not stress constantly is to let it all go and let him take care of it, but that obviously hasn’t worked so the other day we sat down and tried to figure out our budget. Let me tell you it wasn’t easy, especially with so much taken out of my check this month for those personal days I had to take for the move and “J”s doctor’s appointment. But we did it!

budgeting reminders and tips | This Indulgent Life | personal budget | budget categories




And then I went to bed and woke up and while I was getting ready for the day I realized there were so many little things we missed! So here are some main categories that probably everyone already thinks about, and some hidden ones that you may have forgotten when doing your own budget…

Planning your Budget:

Common Budget Categories:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Electric
  • Water
  • Cell Phone
  • Internet
  • TV
  • Transportation (You can further break this down into Insurance, gas, repairs, parking, public transport…)
  • Tithing
  • Debt
  • Savings

Budget Categories You May Have Forgotten:

  • Vitamins, probiotics, and other supplements
  • Medicines
  • Diapers, formula, baby food (If you do any of those, thank goodness we don’t because we couldn’t afford it lol)
  • pet food and care
  • subscriptions/ memberships (Netflix, Scribd, Skillshare, Amazon Prime…)
  • saving for car registrations/ inspections and other repairs
  • Savings for gifts
  • Toiletries
  • Savings for new clothes, especially with growing babies!
  • Salon expenses (I have PCOS and get waxed/ threaded about once a month)
  • New shoes- remember they’re actually supposed to be replaced every 6 months!
  • Hobbies- crafting, camping, scuba diving, photography, book clubs… they all add up!
  • Saving for new furniture- those couches and beds have a limited lifespan!
  • Renewing ID cards- licenses, passports… It doesn’t happen often, but the expense is easily overlooked.
  • Professional association dues
  • House maintenance- Will you need a new roof soon? How about painting or windows?
  • Pest control
  • Dinner Parties- I don’t know about you, but having our Thanksgiving gathering was over half our normal monthly food budget! That’s something you have to plan for.
  • Eye care/ glasses/ contacts- something I’m all too aware that I need soon and need to fit in the budget.
  • Family vacations- these don’t have to be big budget affairs, but they are super important.
  • Saving for your children’s future

I hope this helps you when you’re trying to do your own budget. I really suggest you do one if you haven’t, it’s scary, but comforting to know where your money is going. I also suggest doing the cash envelope system. Basically things like gas, food, and things get taken out and put into envelopes, then you can only spend what’s in the envelope! When it’s all on a card it’s way too easy to just use it and then you run the very real risk of going over what you’d budgeted.


What have you done that’s helped with budgeting or gaining control over your finances?


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