I Missed World Breastfeeding Week 2018!

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I can’t believe I missed World Breastfeeding Week 2018!!!! I mean this is the week where we get to celebrate the amazingness of breastfeeding. All the sacrifices, the pain, the time, the diets… Whatever it’s taken a mom to get to this point. And at 16.5m of breastfeeding I have a lot to celebrate!


Why I Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week 2018!

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In the video above you can see how much breastfeeding has meant to me. I’m so thankful that I’ve not only been able to breastfeed J for almost 17m now, but that I was able to breastfeed at all!

I missed world breastfeeding week and why I celebrate | This Indulgent Life | I can't believe I didn't know it was world breastfeeding week! Here's why it's important to me. | #worldbreastfeedingweek #breastfeeding #normalizebreastfeeding #extendedbreastfeeding #breastfeedinggoals #breastfeedingplan #freeprintable
Why i think world breastfeeding week is so important | This Indulgent Life | I might be late, but I have many reasons to celebrate world breastfeeding week 2018! | #worldbreastfeedingweek #breastfeeding #breastisbest #normalizebreastfeeding #extendedbreastfeeding #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedingplan #breastfeedinggoals

PCOS Factors In Breastfeeding

I have PCOS and for many of us, due to the hormonal imbalance, we struggle to make milk due to underdeveloped mammory glands or insulin issues. Due to the shape of my breasts I was sure I would fall into this category. I would ask and ask my midwife if there was anything I could do to prepare myself and she assured me that we would just have to wait. Despite having no leakage, no breast changes, and all the other PCOS issues, I was able to breastfeed!

My Initial Breastfeeding Goals

My first time breastfeeding during the first hour after birth- This Indulgent Life

My first time breastfeeding during the first hour after birth

As I wasn’t even sure I COULD breastfeed, my initial goal was just to do so! But just in case I had backup plans in place including knowing where to get donor milk and where to buy an SNS system. Once I realized that I was feeding my baby and making enough, my next goal became 1 month.

The pain at the beginning was literally breathtaking, and not in a nice “Wow, look at the Northern Lights!” kind of way. So my goal was just to survive and get to a month. I figured you could do anything for a month! If the pain was still too excruciating and I couldn’t handle it anymore then so be it. Fortunately, the pain just kind of was gone one day around 2 weeks. I was then able to settle in to my breastfeeding journey and begin to actually enjoy it.

Breastfeeding on the beach at 3w old | This Indulgent Life

Breastfeeding on the beach at 3w old

Next my goal was 6 months of breastfeeding because going back to work 2x in that time frame was going to be difficult. (I say 2x because I went back for about a month and a half after maternity leave before summer vacation). But I developed a routine. I was unapologetic for being late to some meetings or missing lunches with people. I wasn’t going to risk mastitis or a reduction in milk supply.

My next goal was 1 year. The magical one year where technically you could wean and not have to buy formula. I remained diligent at work, even getting a doctor’s note when I had to do an overnight camp to ensure adequate pumping time to prevent mastitis. I continued to breastsleep at night and pump at work, gradually bringing my pumping sessions to just once a day.


Breastfeeding on the night bus last week coming home from the museums.

Breastfeeding on the night bus last week coming home from the museums.

Now I’ve made it through all those goals and the only goal I have now is to continue until one or both of us are ready to wean. That could be next month (not very likely lol) or in a couple years. I will not be pumping anymore unless necessary (like that yearly overnight camp) so he’ll gradually have to lose his day feeds when I’m not home, but luckily he loves water and eats fairly well most the time so I’m not as worried. And he has over 100oz to get him through, plus I’ll use the Haakaa for relief still. 


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Why I Love Breastfeeding

Passed out sick baby

Passed out sick baby

While this could be a much bigger post, and will probably be one day, I just want to briefly celebrate why I love breastfeeding in honor of World Breastfeeding Week 2018.

  • It’s made specifically for my human baby!
  • My milk will actually develop antibodies when I or by baby get sick.
  • It can change fat composition based on the needs of my baby and if it’s hot outside!
  • Studies are showing it may be a cure for cancer!
  • It’s been cheaper than formula.
  • I love I can calm my baby almost immediately with a little boob lol.
  • When my son got really sick and wouldn’t eat any solids, I was able to breastfeed him so he still got lots of nutrients, calories, and hydration.
  • The bonding, while sometimes overwhelming, is incredible.
  • I never had to bring any bottles!
  • And a whole host of other benefits science has made available to us!


Toddler looking up while breastfeeding

I love these moments… they happen less as they get older and start doing gymnastics while they eat lol.

So congrats to all the moms who even attempted breastfeeding! This week was to celebrate you! Because in our modern society it isn’t easy and we don’t have the “village” we used to to support us. We have to develop our own tribes and resources!

Happy World Breastfeeding Week 2018(though a couple days late)!


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